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Best tour and guide ever!!! My kids and I enjoyed every minu... 2020/02/27 匿名
This was a great experience! Anna, our guide, is an archeolo... 2020/02/26 L*****
We arrived from Sorrento with an hour to spare, due to train... 2020/01/30 匿名
Amazing to see the the most beautifull things in the museum.... 2019/08/26 S*************
Excellent tour. Very detailed briefing at all points. Guide ... 2019/08/26 D*****
The meet-up point was easy enough to find. The tour was exte... 2019/08/23 M*******
A lot of information in the tour, however too many people th... 2019/08/23 C****
The meeting point is not clear enough. Overall the tour is n... 2019/08/22 W******
It was abit messy at the start. We were expecting a guy in b... 2019/08/07 N*********
當天是四艘貢多拉一起走,唱歌的工作人員只在一艘而已,其它感覺還不錯 2019/08/05 C*******
第二次到威尼斯,兩年前乘坐原價的貢多拉,這次就選擇了這個優惠價格的船票。以下分享一下兩者區別:原價船票,包船不用和其他陌... 2019/08/03 W*******
拱多拉是一個不錯的選擇,但是地點集合點真的很難找到。 2019/08/02 w*******
有顧客說定位有問題,我跟據位置到達目的地,也找不到導遊,最後沒有任何安排,也得不到退款,這銷售手法很卑劣! 2019/08/02 S********
A must for Art lovers. A visit to Florence means a visit t... 2020/01/18 R*****
Great experience, the guide was very informative and I learn... 2019/12/22 E***************
I booked the guided tour but that day the tour was canceled ... 2019/12/15 W********
David is so beautiful and the tour also shared the musical i... 2019/12/05 B****
去至羅馬競技場,導遊被通知因天雨關係無法入內,但當時沒有下雨,導遊只好叫我們找客服要求退款。現在跟KKDAY溝通中,並立... 2019/12/22 M******
The boat staff were very helpful really enjoyed our day than... 2019/10/20 J***
If you are looking for a sightseeing bus on water then look ... 2019/07/02 L*****
- Please try to focus on the comms, invest in pronoucing the... 2019/06/23 M*****
ได้รับข้อมูลข่าวสารที่สำคัญ รวมทั้งประวัติศาสตร์ พร้อมๆกันกั... 2020/02/23 N******
集合地點好找,導遊很準時,說明詳細. 省去排隊時間. 滿推薦的. 有講解 才知道 每個雕像的 由來 2020/02/10 H**********
當天因當地火車延遲沒辦法進去,但客服人員很願意幫忙,希望下次可以再去米蘭進去這間教堂 2020/02/10 J***
Enjoyed the fast track entry to the rooftops, where the venu... 2020/01/26 S*****
冬季淡季含自己只有四位旅人,導覽解說員有充足時間說明歷史且隨時可以提出疑問,並且給與拍照自由走動的時間。 除了教堂內華麗... 2020/01/25 J******
現場人潮眾多,一定要提早到去找穿粉紅色上衣的工作人員,順利提早進場但發現還是人還是不少,但至少比九點過後的人潮少許多,值... 2019/08/22 C******
From the previous reviews, I Love Rome staff often appear la... 2019/08/21 W*******
The experience is overrated and I guess I booked wrong langu... 2019/08/18 A***
The special line to go in was good except we had to wait for... 2019/08/18 A**************
Very nice to be able to enter early, skip the queue and enjo... 2019/08/18 H********
really enjoyed the informative tour! our guide paced out the... 2019/08/20 S*******
The female tour guide (forgot her name, it was her birthday)... 2019/08/18 A**************
活動不錯,但工作人員很難找,衣服圖示很少。 2019/08/17 C*******
Builders of the Colossuem was ahead of their time. The des... 2019/08/17 N***
Super informative and worth it! Tour guide Matej was really ... 2019/08/16 H********
Super 2020/02/03 K********
We went at 5.15 for a 5.30 rideA little busy but well organi... 2019/10/22 A*****
Our gondola man was on his phone most the time, the boat was... 2019/10/13 R******
곤돌라 탑승은 좋은데, 가이드는 곤돌라 탑승까지만 함께하는 거고 설명은 어플이나 책자만 제공으로 끝이네요? ... 2020/02/07 o******
Awesome trip, everything was running on time with friendly p... 2020/01/29 M************
It was nice but a little overpriced I feel. It could be a li... 2020/01/26 N*********
The boat journey was good. In my opinion it's a little overp... 2020/01/21 M******
非常爛的集合方式,他在apple wallet 寫「廣場集合D3」早早到了現場,還問了D3在哪?警察指了鐘樓旁邊的廣場。... 2019/08/10 K********
講解詳盡,且不用排隊直接進入聖母百花大教堂,還能進入陽台欣賞穹頂,相當超值。 2019/08/09 S******
解說員表現的很賣力,除了口音問題導致要非常注意才能全部聽懂解說的內容 2019/08/08 c********
不需浪費時間排隊,導遊會帶到特別入口可直接攻頂 2019/08/05 C******
私房景點。從教堂迴廊參觀外部,省去爬梯的一半疲累。當地導遊相當親切盡責。值得一遊 2019/08/02 Y*********
Convenient tour for the transportation, good deal.we had a w... 2019/12/12 m*******
Excellent whole day tour led by Edgard. We managed to go to ... 2019/11/12 R*****
It was raining that day and we couldn't appreciate the view ... 2019/10/25 C*******
It's a very beautiful place to visit. Loving the scenery and... 2019/10/04 S********
Booked this at the last minute the previous evening and it w... 2019/09/25 D****
公司先了解顧客需要,當知道我和太太想要浪漫風格後,隨即安排相關攝影師,讚。 攝影師會whatsapp預約時間人物地點、格... 2019/12/12 G****
Excellent tour. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable a... 2020/03/01 匿名
The guide was a very nice guy. Very informative experience. ... 2020/02/16 J*****
We had fantastic time exploring the colosseum with Sam. He w... 2020/02/13 M***********
Not recommended. Dont have to opt for the Serenade as it's n... 2020/02/15 H*****
A must do activity in Venice at least once in a lifetime. Th... 2019/11/01 W*******
Booked the 6.30pm ride and it was after sunset so can't see ... 2019/10/29 X*****************
It is definitely one of THE things to do when you're in Veni... 2019/09/08 N**********
It was so amazing. Especially with the Serenade. Gondolas we... 2019/08/28 O****
Guider was humor, interested person. Good tour 2019/07/22 Y*******
總督府內外的景色都一定要參觀,非常美麗壯觀。 2019/06/08 C******
good tour, no need to get in line. The guide is very knowled... 2019/06/05 T******
Great experience! A must visit when in Venice. Very easy to ... 2019/05/28 R**************
Quick 1.5 hrs to go through the Doge’s Palace. The local tou... 2019/05/02 J******
報名有音樂表演的活動,但實際上演出者是6艘小船共同欣賞,我們前面先出發的3艘距離遙遠,基本上根本聽不到!進入巷弄內更是如... 2020/03/05 C********
Easy to use; best the crowd, just show up at the gate and sc... 2020/02/09 H*
Great experience to ride gondola with the musicians. However... 2019/11/02 S********
It was a wonderful experience to be serenaded in a gondola. ... 2019/10/23 Z***************
This is a wonderful experience! the meeting point was easy ... 2019/10/22 D***********
Our guide was awesome 2020/02/22 匿名
The tour was ok, the guide Stefano was a funny man and told ... 2020/01/25 匿名
I was very lucky to have a private tour with Stefano, since ... 2020/01/12 L***********
Tour was okay. Bus was comfortable. Pisa is a good place to ... 2019/07/13 M*********
Easy to redeem! Just show your voucher to their staff and th... 2019/07/06 M*************
The tour was really nice and informative. Our guide was deli... 2019/06/17 A****
Wow! history of PISA is so interesting and the mistakes done... 2019/05/17 R****
集合地點清楚 導遊說明詳細 如果時間可以更充裕一點更好 2019/05/15 L******
my family really enjoyed this trip. it was well organized. l... 2020/02/27 A****
Lake Como is a place, which is picturesque. Also, you can g... 2020/02/09 C*****
導遊人員之西班牙英文聽起來有點吃力,但行程安排不錯值得一遊 2020/02/03 J********
導遊口音非常重,再加上用義大利腔調說著一句英文,一句西班牙文交互翻譯,完全無法理解內容。 2020/02/02 H******
Lovely experience, very friendly staff and a great selection... 2019/02/25 S****
Brilliant tour would highly recommend. Very informative and ... 2020/03/04 l****
The tour itself was very good, two knowledgeable guides. How... 2020/02/22 匿名
The guide was very good and informative. But we waited quite... 2019/08/10 C****************
The guide was really fun and energetic and the tour can be e... 2019/08/08 J************
Although the registration process was a little bit chaotic (... 2019/08/06 W*******
Meet-up point was easy to find - learned a lot of of history... 2019/07/31 K********
I can’t believe they cancel my booking without mailing me in... 2019/07/11 M*******
It was a great experience! Wine visit was great as well as l... 2019/08/06 K*******
非常好的安排 領隊親切 遊覽車很新 司機也很氣 2019/08/03 W*******
還不錯!該去的點都有走到,午餐是品酒,很特別的體驗! 2019/08/01 Y*****
午餐有點弱 導覽機的音量忽大忽小 換過耳機也ㄧ樣 後來就自己逛了 2019/07/27 H********
1、一團近70人坐一台上下層遊覽車,各點的參觀時間都蠻短的。 2、城鎮不能開車進去,遊覽車會停在離城鎮中心步行約15分鐘... 2019/07/25 S******
很高興參加這種活動,當天只有我跟我老公兩個人,跟老師,她教我們做的東西真的在台灣蠻少見的,很放鬆以外也學到不少東西,跟主... 2019/04/28 Y*****
Great and happy we did it. 2020/02/11 匿名
What a fantastic tour Nov. 9, 2019. Our guide, who’s name I ... 2019/11/16 S****
Manuel our tour guide was very good and made the tour very i... 2019/09/28 匿名
行程標示不清原本以為有包含教堂門票結果最後還是要自費買,不過一日遊還是很方便省去很多交通時間,去的小鎮也多還是很推薦。 2019/08/21 C********
This is the chill kind of trip for the type of people who wa... 2019/08/16 J************
The trip was good, but I think the time allocation for each ... 2019/06/30 a*****
We were given an hour at San Gimignano at our own pace, went... 2019/05/20 C*************
導遊很親切,會清楚地告訴我們集合點與時間,而且一天跑四個行程,滿充實的不會太趕,很適合給行程緊湊的人撥出一天遊覽中世紀小... 2019/05/16 T******
There was NO guided city tour. The tour operator (CAF) in Fl... 2018/11/13 M*********
It was very informative and the guide was very knowledgeable... 2020/03/03 J*******
非常值回票價!聽了很多故事!但如果下午可以再早一點進場,之後的時間會更充裕,或者拉長整體參觀時間,因為中途還要等大家集合... 2019/12/18 S**********
Wrong address was given for the meeting point. Three group o... 2019/12/17 L********
Enjoyed the guided tour. It was really warm and crowded but ... 2019/11/28 C******
Great tour. The guide explained everything very well and see... 2020/02/20 O***
Daniela, our guide, made our Vatican visit so interesting, e... 2020/02/08 匿名
Perfect . Our guide was the best. I forgot her name but i re... 2020/01/28 匿名
There was NO guided CITY tour. The this is only a Museum gui... 2018/11/13 M*********
The tour guide is very educated on Milan’s background and he... 2020/02/02 C*******
Great experience. Guide was so professional and ha s very in... 2020/01/28 S****
After this guided tour, we've learned to appreciate art and ... 2020/01/13 R*****
導遊講解經歷很豐富也很幽默,整體解說很流暢,行程除了參觀最後的晚餐,還包含集合地點的博物館和市區遊覽,價錢稍高不過算值得 2020/01/05 C****
Informative and insightful one. One get to know the culture ... 2020/01/03 S*******
This tour is absolutely worth joining, starting from wine ta... 2020/01/14 S******
Tour rất thích, mỗi tội tiếng Anh của bạn guide rất... í ẹ :... 2019/12/20 T**********
It was a little difficult to locate the meetup place. Aside ... 2019/11/19 J*************
Yeah it was ok. Had wine tasting in the morning and THAT WAS... 2019/11/03 E*************
Best Tuscany ever, beautiful towns and great environment! 2019/10/29 H*******
Guide was very good and informative 2020/03/02 D***
My partner & I, did the Vatican basilica, Museums & ... 2020/03/01 J***
The meeting place was not easy to find as GPS told us the wr... 2020/01/03 L*****
We enjoyed making the pizza in the class, and was told that ... 2019/08/11 A*****
Chef Marco was a lot of fun and taught us the steps in makin... 2019/06/19 C*****
This was real fun thanks to Marco our chef and the other two... 2019/05/17 R****
We had so much fun! Thanks to Fernando our chef for making t... 2019/04/11 K******
課程在餐廳裡的一角進行,挺好玩的,做玩還會幫我們拍照。 但覺得自己做的實在不太好吃,但教我們的師傅很有趣熱情,氣氛不錯。 2018/10/04 W*******
很棒的旅程!貼心的導遊然後很專業的解說,也照顧我們很多! 2020/02/05 Y******
Amazing tour, absolutely worth the price. it's actually a st... 2020/01/06 H*****
司機很親切,有專車接送玩阿瑪菲很好,午餐有點可惜,可以在吃好一點點餐廳,然後稍微提高費用,謝謝 2019/12/10 K********
If this is your first time visiting Amalfi, this tour is val... 2019/12/03 K*************
This was a very nice and scenic tour. Didn't give 5 stars be... 2019/11/04 E************
Very informative and interesting 2020/03/09 匿名
I would say the skip the line access is key and would highly... 2020/02/27 N***
因為上頂樓有限制人數,所以參觀品質非常好。透過狹窄且旋轉而上的樓梯登頂,對平時不太運動的人可能會有點辛苦,可是登頂看到佛... 2019/12/02 H*******
Worthy of the money. Skip all the LONG lines in the tour an... 2019/11/10 L*******
強烈建議大家只選擇提早入場導覽或快速通關就可以 如果唔是勁浪費錢 Klook個活動名有唔同only 睇的野一樣 導覽仲要... 2019/06/17 H*******
This tour was great because we could get in the Sistine Chap... 2018/11/28 A***************
Fast and hassle free. Amazing experience. Thanks klook! 2017/09/13 M***
很不錯唷 以後有需要還是會繼續在這裡買票 Klook好方便 好用!! 2017/08/06 s
On the bus, the guide giving the explanation during the tour... 2020/02/27 B***********
早上因塞車司機遲到但很有禮貌的道歉也迅速解決, 過程中的導遊與解說員也都很詳盡的解說古城與火山的歷史,很棒! 2020/02/19 H*******
Good experience. Knowledgeable guide and entertaining. Hike ... 2020/02/10 T*******
龐貝的美女導遊非常好. 有熱情講解有趣. 火山,十分艱辛地爬上去, 但每高一些都有新景象. 值得氣喘噓噓. 但是由於去龐... 2020/02/07 Y******
帶隊跟導遊都很親切,行程豐富又便利,午餐的pizza很大一個,值回票價的旅程 2020/01/24 M*******
correct 2020/02/07 匿名
On time pickup. Very friendly and outgoing guide, Joseph. To... 2020/01/04 L****
From the moment we booked the trip through Get Your Guide wi... 2020/01/02 B*****
The location is easy to find. The staff is nice and is will... 2019/08/24 K****
So worth it! Especially when you get to skip long lines. Sav... 2019/08/22 S*************
領此套票包含的羅馬通行證能讓人在時限內不限次數乘搭地鐵及巴士等交通工具,非常划算。另外,透過預約,梵蒂岡通行證能讓人免去... 2019/08/14 D*****
It was easy to redeem and use the card. We enjoyed the 3day ... 2019/08/05 R******
很方便的通行證,交通完全免費。 進入梵蒂岡的教堂跟博物館都不用排隊,直接有專人帶隊進入。 2019/08/03 Y******
Highly Recommended, Amazing View and amazing guide! 2020/02/14 P******
風景很美,但是由於2月是淡季,所以很多商店關閉,然後藍洞也沒有,但是價格還是不太親民,出海還是要自己付18歐,建議淡季應... 2020/02/06 Y******
We travelled in January which is not the season for Capri Is... 2020/01/23 A******
Maria Angela was extra helpful during the tour. She didn't g... 2020/01/07 E*******
Wonderful trip but the weather is windy .I except to visit C... 2020/01/07 Y*****
We had a very good and pleasant driver (Antonio), enough fre... 2020/02/05 H****
Our guid was Gianlucca.We were picked up from our hotel and ... 2020/01/24 A******
정말 최고의 가이드님입니다~^^ 가브리엘(?)가이드님~ 유머러스하시고 친근하게 다가와 주셨습니다. 일정 내... 2020/01/18 G********
fast and easy transaction. amazing experience, jaw dropping ... 2020/01/16 J*****************
Overall a good experience. The pickup was prompt and on tim... 2020/01/15 C*****
It was a very pleasant and comfortable experience. We saw re... 2020/03/12 A*******
Eduardo (our guide) is an expert. Go for it 2020/02/22 S*****
Passeio maravilhoso! A comida incluída estava uma delícia e ... 2020/01/07 匿名
The trip is well organized and the place is really nice and ... 2019/10/12 T****
整个行程还可以,景色还是很美的。但阿西西的导游讲解不是很好,而且没有很多时间让大家自由活动。 2019/10/07 Z********
若是有年長者一起旅遊,這行程可以滿方便。除了午餐時間非常短,但導遊很認真,阿西西真的很美,非常值得。 2019/09/01 Y*****
Lovely day with Carmelo, our tour guide. Friendly and gave u... 2019/05/29 C************
It’s worth the price and tour Guide is very professional. 2019/05/19 Y*******
領隊的英文導覽生動有趣,可惜的是在龐貝僅有兩個小時的時間,無法盡覽古城的魅力,但整體而言還是很推薦這個行程。 另外建議午... 2019/08/17 P********
The active is good, but they forget to pick me up from hotel... 2019/08/16 R*****
車子乾淨舒適,領隊以及負責拿坡里市區及龐貝導覽的導遊都很熱情,英文都很好但是義大利口音很重,聽英文會有點吃力,再加上其實... 2019/08/12 Y********
集合地點方便,容易找到。導遊講解清晰詳盡,英文也很流利,也很專業!因全程都要走路,建議穿上舒適方便嘅運動鞋。 2019/08/12 M*************
原本約定了早上6時45分到酒店接我們 但等了十分鐘都不見任何工作人員或旅遊巴 幸好我們酒店跟集合地點很接近 我們便馬上跑... 2019/08/10 C********
Fantastic day out with friendly, helpful and well informed g... 2020/02/27 L***
Long busy day, but some great sites. Good tour guide. Lunch ... 2020/02/26 匿名
We had a great day, getting to know 3 of the most well- know... 2020/02/21 G*****
아이러브로마 버스에 한국설명이 있다고 해서 선택했는데 딴 버스 몇대씩 올때 겨우한대 와요 비추~~여름이라 ... 2019/08/26 H********
到達意大利大部分重要景點,非常好既遊覽工具 2019/08/13 M*******
實在沒有必要購買全景觀光巴士!上下車地點標示極為不清楚,就算有給地圖,還是標示不清!除非你真的搭著車子環繞一整圈,不然你... 2019/08/12 Y******
Nice. Amazing. Easy. Beautiful. Fascinating. Must visit. Has... 2019/08/10 M***********
Ok experience but felt the commentary on where we were was r... 2019/08/06 R*****
集合地點就在散客售票處前的木椅,並不是馬路對面的廣場。每人獲發一個監聽器,收聽導遊的即時講解,他英文說得挺標準。 2020/01/04 C********
不建議參加。集合相當慢,博物館相當小,參觀內容也很無趣,導遊口音太重,給一個包廂拍照一下劇院舞台與坐位,雖然行程只有一個... 2019/07/09 Y*********
導覽很棒,值得,導遊會出現在劇院的參觀點入口,而不是廣場上,給他單子他很快就會認出是他們團 2019/06/09 L*
老实说,跟歌剧院只能算有接触,无法深度体验 2018/12/13 Z*****
The guide did her best, but there wasn't much content. I thi... 2017/09/28 M******
天氣晴朗的一天,海象也很平穩,但很可惜我們中午抵達Capri的時候藍洞關閉了,行程換成搭遊船繞Capri島半圈,大約40... 2019/08/15 C********
The adventure to Capri island and Blue Grotto was awesome! A... 2019/08/15 M*********
It was so nice, I searched every travel agency has capri 1da... 2019/08/11 e*****
在羅馬Piazza di Republica集合,時間很早,因為來回Naples要六小時,行程公司是Grayline,6... 2019/08/02 C*********
Bad tour. We were totally neglected the whole entire trip b... 2019/07/27 V*******
Very good 2020/03/04 A****
We had an 11 hour lay-over in Rome and found this the most e... 2020/01/09 匿名
It was okay but the driver or the girl that was taken our ti... 2019/10/07 c*******
It's a great tour if you only have a day in Florance. The to... 2020/01/22 A***
Great session and insight! Highly recommended for those who ... 2019/12/02 P***
a long tour and a long walk.. prepare yourself with a good s... 2019/10/31 M***
Great one day tour to visit these places! But the lunch was... 2019/10/02 s*******
報到後等待了很久才出發,比原定時間遲了開始;但導賞員很專業,上午的導賞員Martina非常友善專業,講解詳盡。午餐很普通... 2019/07/31 W*******
정말 멋졌습니다. 가이드도 훌륭했지만 무엇보다 피렌체에서 돌아오는 열차가 문제가 생겨 2시간이상 출발이 지... 2019/08/19 s*******
佛羅倫斯真是個好地方,漂亮,購物也方便,只是剛好歐洲熱浪侵襲,太熱了變得很不想逛 2019/07/06 C********
領隊導遊服務親切專業,行程安排流暢豐富,非常推薦! 2019/07/01 L*****
Great tour! You get free hours to go around the city too. 2019/06/30 K*****
Tour coverage was good, 3-course lunch was included. However... 2019/06/17 W*********
The place to wait for the bus is not exactly obvious. There ... 2020/02/29 H*************
The driver on the return trip give special treatment to othe... 2020/02/22 K*******
位置很好找 一台紅色的大巴士就是了 只要把手機的憑證給他看就好了 建議住宿住附近 因為火車站小偷扒手很多 ... 2020/02/22 Y*****
Do remember to reach at least 15 mins earlier and change for... 2020/02/21 L******
버스 시간 정확하고 아침에 일찍가면 그래더 상대적으로 사람 적어서 쇼핑 할만해요. 다만 오후되면 사람 많아짐 2020/02/16 G******
Didn’t have to queue. Children were free. Excellent value fo... 2020/03/02 匿名
It seems a common pattern in Rome that things are not well o... 2020/02/26 T*****
It was great to already have tickets to avoid waiting in tha... 2020/02/25 S****
The guide was nice. It would been ok to walk around without ... 2019/07/13 S******
導遊解說的非常詳細,帶我們走遍威尼斯不為人知的小路 2019/04/29 s******
Sangat Menarik, Guide Tour yang detail menjelaskan tempat wi... 2018/11/11 A******************
Interesting tour and took us to less traveled locations 2018/08/21 A*****
i had a very good experience with klook.. they are providing... 2018/08/04 S***********
Great experience! Meet up point was easy to locate with the ... 2020/02/21 N****
Since most of the trips booked abroad have a tendency to be ... 2020/02/14 S*****
I liked the tour. There were a lot of good explanations from... 2020/02/11 S*****
Guide was very interactive and detailed on information. For ... 2020/01/05 N******************
대성당 내부가 멋졌고, 옥상에서 내려다보는 뷰도 넘 예쁘고 좋았어요 2019/12/28 E*****
不用排隊,可以很迅速進入教堂。領隊講解十分清楚。 2019/05/30 H****************
패스트트랙 없이도 그냥 입장가능했고, 영어 가이드로 이해가 어려웠음. 구지 의미없는 티켓 2019/02/10 S*******
導遊全程使用英文講解大教堂的各項歷史文化,裡面人潮很多,但此行程可以省去排隊的麻煩,優先參觀,很方便。 2019/01/13 T********
真的很方便,不用排隊,直接到櫃檯換票入場。好好玩,好適合一家大小一齊去。十分推薦用klook訂票 2018/10/30 W********
申請退款中,行程前一天才通知! 服務太差 2018/04/10 W*******
Easy to use 2020/03/05 匿名
Received the e-mailed Paper version, when we arrived at the ... 2019/10/28 S***
Really convenient, cheap, quick and comfortable. The bus was... 2019/09/10 J******
Positano is heaven. Combination of beautiful sea and archite... 2019/08/18 r********
It’s a wonderful trip! Even though we spent a lot of time on... 2019/08/15 R*****
Lovely experience. The tour guide was good and explained to ... 2019/08/11 S***********
Was great being guided there so we didn't have to worry abou... 2019/07/12 R*****
非常美丽的地方,行程有些赶,Positano逗留时间建议安排更长些 2019/07/09 X*
ประทับใจมากค่ะ ทั้งราคาทัวร์และการบริกาคจะกลับมาใช้บริการของ... 2019/08/20 t*********
Rebecca did an amazing job leading us, answering questions, ... 2019/08/01 A*****
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It is so worth it! 2019/07/22 M************
Venice was very beautiful. Such kind of places are very uniq... 2019/06/19 T****
We had fun. The tour was great. Easy to find meeting point a... 2019/06/19 M******
The steps, cathedral, and elevator entrances are all separat... 2020/01/22 匿名
We arrived at our time slot and went straight into the Duomo... 2020/01/13 S**
Although renovation proceeding, the most of the roof archite... 2019/11/06 a***
It was a really good tour and the chap that did it was very ... 2020/03/07 C*******
Easily booked and our tour guide from Enjoy Rome.. Massimus ... 2020/03/02 G*****
This was a fantastic tour. Easy to book and the meeting poin... 2020/02/25 S***
Awesome 2020/03/08 匿名
Really nice place to visit for history lovers. The ruins are... 2020/02/17 L****
The actual ticket I bought and that experience was totally f... 2019/11/04 J******
I love doing places like this. Climbing, exploring, hearing ... 2020/03/04 S****
Areyna was an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and very eng... 2020/02/21 K*****
Our guide was Martina and she made the tour interesting and ... 2019/12/07 匿名
Great tour on well maintained electric bikes. We visited mos... 2019/09/27 E****
It was probably one of the best ways I have ever done sights... 2019/09/22 U***
We really enjoyed it. We did Bike Tours in other cities, inc... 2019/08/28 T***
Outstanding guide! Spoke very good English and was extremely... 2020/01/07 匿名
Our guide Linda was great!!The view was amazing!!!The only t... 2019/11/25 匿名
Como was great and lunch in Bellagio (@ La Grotta) was aweso... 2020/03/02 I**
Tempo moderado para ver as coisas mas sem correria. Belas pa... 2020/02/23 R******
Pick up from Milan and bus to Como. A guided tour around the... 2020/02/07 M*******
Lovely gondola ride, commentary was very helpful and shared ... 2020/02/15 S***
I had booked this in the hope that we would be able to fit i... 2019/06/02 l****
Too rush. Hardly enough time to take photos or have lunch. 2019/11/09 匿名
Arrived from the cruise ship by shuttle bus the bus for the ... 2019/11/07 M***
Very rewarding experience and most impressive service. Our g... 2019/10/26 D*******
Very knowledgeable and upbeat! 2020/03/11 C*****
Marcius was great, the only helpful point I would raise is t... 2020/03/02 匿名
Really nice tour, really high value!Although in low season I... 2020/03/01 匿名
Funcionária da bilheteira disse que tinha de ir para fila co... 2019/03/04 F*******
Le site est magnifique, les informations données par l'audio... 2018/09/14 J*****
Emilia was great. She knew her stuff, but was not “preachy”,... 2019/10/13 S*******
Fantastische gids, maar wat wel tegenviel was de enorme druk... 2019/07/29 W*************
Very confusing to meet guide. We were there at time told (15... 2020/02/24 匿名
Esperienza assolutamente consigliata. La guida si è rivelata... 2020/01/14 M****
Pompei è un sito meraviglioso e ben organizzato, ma per gode... 2020/01/05 L******
If you want to visit church this is a must do. It is definat... 2019/12/15 D****
Sabina was the most interesting and informative guide we hav... 2019/10/22 D*****
Our tour guide Laura was very knowledge and friendly. The to... 2019/10/19 A**
It was great seeing the colloseum and the forum, although pa... 2019/12/31 T*******
Tour was late and unorganized. No head phones were provided ... 2019/11/09 匿名
Francisco was an amazing guide who shared many details we wo... 2019/10/12 R*****
La guida è stata davvero fantastica, ci ha incitati e coinvo... 2016/09/19 A*****
Great information, guide was excited and enjoyable. 2016/04/21 J****
Extreme winds at the peak of Vesuvius meant our tour had to ... 2019/12/31 G*****
Martina, unser lokaler Kontakt war sehr bemüht uns zu koordi... 2019/12/08 K**
A excelente guia Maria nos presenteou com informações novas ... 2020/02/24 A*********
Our guide was very detailed in her explanation. She answered... 2019/09/09 匿名
La visite a permis de découvrir le baptistère, l'église du D... 2019/02/26 N******
Wonderful guide with a real passion for the art. 2020/02/09 E***
This was our second time back to the Borghese but the first ... 2020/01/04 C*******
Our two-hour tour of the Borghese Gallery was very impressiv... 2019/11/06 J*****
besides the accademia and the duomo visit, we walked through... 2019/09/25 匿名
Overall the tour was nicely done but we were left the day pr... 2019/07/20 J*******
Our guide Pia did a great job of explaining all of the sight... 2019/06/02 R**
Treffpunkt war 30min vor Beginn der Führung, in Wirklichkeit... 2019/09/22 D****
Die Führung war sehr informativ, wir könnten fragen stellen ... 2019/08/08 N*****
We had a fantastic day with our guide who lived locally to T... 2020/03/11 M*****
It all worked fine. The transportation, the visits, the guid... 2020/01/06 N****
All technical equipment worked well. Bus was comfortable. Gu... 2019/10/31 S****
Great experienceBeside the guy next t us with a bad cold, ab... 2020/02/03 L****
Very pleasant performance presented by opera soloits, grand ... 2019/12/29 K********
Der Ausflug mit Get your guide nach Capri ist absolut empfeh... 2019/10/23 匿名
It was way more than I expected. We enjoyed every minute of ... 2019/10/21 匿名
Echt het geld waard!We werden dicht bij het hotel opgehaald ... 2019/10/20 A***
Unser Fahrer ist mit uns durch Rom zu den unterschiedlichste... 2018/10/09 匿名
The guide, Constatino, was excelent and very polite. 2018/01/09 F*******
Fuimos mi mujer mis dos hijos de 11y 9 años y a pesar de lle... 2019/06/26 M*****
Historical overview was pretty good, biking was fun. The bik... 2012/08/31 R*****
To discover Florence by bike was the best decision for the f... 2012/06/03 D*****
Our guide Massimo was amazing. The views were breathtaking. ... 2020/02/28 M******
First we go to Sorrento which is a vibrant town. We didn’t t... 2020/02/18 S******
Our Driver Gabriel was funny and informative.He gave us some... 2020/02/17 n****
Das Weingut liegt wunderschön. Leider hatten wir schlechtes ... 2019/09/12 A******
Die Trüffelsuche war super interessant und der Guide hatte e... 2019/08/22 T******
Unsere Führerin war spitze, leider ist aus organisatorischen... 2019/04/16 S******
La visite nous a beaucoup plu , la guide sympa , mais m a pa... 2019/02/22 M**********
The office to exchange the voucher took quite a bit to find ... 2020/03/01 B******
A bit difficult to find the ticket office to exchange the vo... 2019/11/28 F******
Make sure you get to where you need to meet your guide at le... 2019/11/10 匿名
Not as expected. But enjoyed a bit 2019/09/25 A***
Nice simple tour of grand canal and neighboring canals. High... 2018/10/22 R***
The whole buzz about the Gondola ride is exciting but someho... 2016/08/30 G***
Maurizeo (World tour's best driver) warmly greeted us at our... 2020/01/28 B******
Excellent! 2020/01/27 匿名
We had a fab day, we went to the Amalfi Coast first which wa... 2020/01/16 S********
very nice and knowledgbale local guide, very recommended thi... 2020/02/03 S****
Highly recommend this tour! Fabrizio was amazing. He took us... 2019/10/25 匿名
I travel often with friends and one thing we always try to d... 2019/10/23 N****
Après une visite des jardins, on passe de salle en salle ave... 2019/10/30 F*******
During the tour we have visited 10 Vatican chapels, as well ... 2019/10/05 T*****
Daniel did an excellent job of providing locations we reques... 2019/07/06 M***
Managed to see all the Roman highlights and even a few that ... 2018/10/19 L********
I am on a wheelchair and it’s some times hard to move about.... 2018/08/15 C*********
Tour guidato inaspettatamente meraviglioso. Non pensavo che ... 2020/02/04 匿名
I highly recommend! Excellent location, perfect view of Rome... 2019/12/30 C*******
Yesterday (7th November) at 10am Irene was our tour guide to... 2019/11/08 P****
The tour was great really informative and both wineries were... 2020/01/14 C**********
Tour takes us to two different wineries where there was tast... 2019/09/25 K****
Was a beautiful day in the Tuscan countryside the vineyards ... 2019/09/17 J***
This boat ride was really interesting. We took it on our fir... 2019/10/22 J*****
In booking the one hour cruise I thought it would traverse t... 2018/08/07 A****
What a find! An amazing activity to do whilst on holiday in ... 2020/02/19 匿名
Actividad ideal para hacer con niños. Eliges la máscara que ... 2019/08/23 J***
Good workshop but items deliver are poor and the result is n... 2019/07/27 L*****
Wir haben die Tickets für die Museen und den Dogenpalast ohn... 2019/08/05 V******
Was able to find the tickets for the Doge palace at the book... 2019/07/22 C*****
We loved it thank you. 2019/03/27 匿名
Absolut kompetente und sehr kurzweilige Führung durch das we... 2019/12/29 G******
What a treat to experience secret spots in Rome with a knowl... 2018/01/02 a*********
The driver was almost an hour late for picking us up. We had... 2019/08/01 匿名
We enjoyed our tour. It was confusing to meet just outside t... 2019/11/21 C*****
This was a tour of several sites including a Chianti wine ta... 2019/11/13 G***
It was an enjoyable afternoon. Initially it was a little har... 2019/10/24 A****
日本から家族3人で利用しました。英語を理解しない私と娘も充分楽しめました。時間より早めに到着したので寒い中駅で待たないと... 2020/01/29 ア*
So much fun! Took the train to a small town and made some de... 2020/01/02 K*****
The whole day was so much fun. We took our two children for ... 2019/12/27 K***
Great fun and great value 2019/10/28 E****
We had a group of only 4, so the class was very personalized... 2019/08/14 W*****
Overall the excursion was excellent, the guides were attenti... 2019/11/29 K****
I reserved a tour in English, however, the actual tour was g... 2019/10/24 匿名
We loved this tour! It was a long day and a little crazy wit... 2019/10/16 L***
I loved it. The gondola ride was epic and the guide was supe... 2019/10/01 P********
We liked the guide, she was Venetian, i think it was Giovann... 2017/09/20 匿名
We enjoyed the Secret Venice walking tour which wound around... 2017/08/07 R******
the gallery is beautiful 2019/11/13 S******
This is a great option to go with if you want a couple hours... 2019/10/16 匿名
It was great to get the tickets ahead of time to avoid the l... 2019/09/30 J***
Our guide to the Colosseum spent too long talking about it i... 2020/01/16 T*****
Super Guides 2019/12/31 N*****
Easy to meet and from the start the staff:guides were excell... 2019/11/03 T*****
The cooking class with Marco was great fun! He also catered ... 2020/02/15 R***
Awesome experience! First we went to the market to buy fresh... 2020/01/10 D****
My family and I truly enjoyed our class with Marco. He share... 2020/01/01 T***
Loved this experience! A great way to see the main attractio... 2019/10/04 C******
Boat was nice and very clean. We were only 7 people and ther... 2019/09/19 S******
Giacomo was really cooperative .. he was rich with informati... 2019/10/16 a****
Iwan, very knowledgeable guide. We enjoyed it very much. I w... 2019/07/04 j*****
Our guide, Marco, did a great job of explaining the importan... 2019/05/27 T****
Leider war der Fahrer 25 Minuten zu spät .... gut, dass wir ... 2020/03/11 M******
Maravilhoso o serviço.Motorista chegou bem antes do combinad... 2020/02/25 匿名
pieniądze jak najbardziej warte wspomnień, przepiękna wyspa,... 2019/10/12 A****
Trip is goed verlopen maar je wordt een beetje aan je lot ov... 2019/09/10 匿名
Felt that this trip wasn’t very well organised at all, the g... 2019/07/11 M*****
I found this to be a very memorable experience . The value w... 2019/11/08 J***
i highly reccommend you book this tour. i had a absolutely f... 2019/11/01 c****
Pleasant and well guided tour. Many thanks to Federica for e... 2019/10/29 R****
It was a great day exploring parts of Tuscany we would have ... 2020/03/09 S***
We loved our trip to Chianti and Sienna. The wineries were a... 2019/10/17 S****
First and foremost our tour guide has to be mentioned. Liza,... 2019/10/16 M******
Amazing tour, our tour guide was so informative. The colosse... 2019/09/08 D*****
Very informative tour guides very helpful. Night time tour g... 2019/09/01 L******
Ik heb de tour samen met m’n 13 jarige zoon gedaan. De tour ... 2019/08/20 匿名
professional, incredible experience, two island stops before... 2019/09/26 S***
Wir hatten leider schlechtes Wetter sodass die Eruptionen au... 2019/09/25 匿名
Départ port de Milazzo vers 11h(retirer les billets à l'offi... 2019/09/20 M****
War sehr lehrreich und viele neue Inspirationen 2019/09/08 C******
Fantastic Cooking session. Thx. 2019/07/29 T**
Die Organisation war sehr gut (es war mein erster "Kauf... 2017/08/19 匿名
Très beau circuit pour découvrir les Cinque Terres. Nous avo... 2020/01/10 匿名
This trip is well worth it but you have to keep up a fast pa... 2020/01/06 K********
It was a great tour despite the huge number of about 60 tour... 2019/12/30 S*****
This experience was amazing! We got enough time to explore o... 2020/02/14 匿名
Fue un día intenso, y muy interesante. La guía muy simpática... 2020/01/14 V***********
Very good. Very organized tour 2019/12/30 匿名
The workshop is an excellent way to learn about italian cuis... 2020/02/01 A*******
Joacchino was a great chef, and even better teacher. He was ... 2019/11/30 J***
Great trip! I would recommend. It was so beautiful and our d... 2018/07/14 A*******
The farm and location was absolutely beautiful. The tour was... 2019/12/21 S****
Fun 2018/05/19 C*****
This is my first time to ridding a horse. The owner of farm ... 2016/09/15 J*****
We had an amazing few hours exploring the outskirts of Flore... 2019/06/25 A*****
It was more than we ever expected. We saw the awesome view f... 2019/06/09 M*******
This was my favorite activity/tour during my time in Rome. W... 2020/03/01 匿名
We had 2 guides. One for the Roman forum and a separate one ... 2019/12/11 匿名
On time , everything as planned , easy to find location. Gui... 2020/03/05 L******
Alexandra was a fantastic tour guide! She is also an archaeo... 2020/02/22 匿名
Our guide was a delight. She truly loves art and is passiona... 2019/06/17 a*****
Our guide was knowledgeable and exceptionally kind in helpin... 2018/06/06 A***
The Galleria degli Uffizi is an incredible museum and it's c... 2016/09/10 J*****
Ich wurde etwa 40 Minuten später abgeholt als geplant, dafür... 2019/12/29 R****
Я бы посоветовала быть более внимательными к пожеланиям клие... 2019/07/31 N******