義大利有55項 交通券/機場接送
Rome was too much overcrowded. We could not visit all the mu... 2020/01/02 A***
Hjälpsam personal, speciellt på Colosseo. Biljettkontorens p... 2019/11/13 S*****
Die Karten sind schon praktisch. Busfahren mit Hopp-on Hopp-... 2019/10/25 M*****
It was really good choice to purchase this service. Driver w... 2020/02/19 j*****
벤을 신청했는데 E클래스가 왔어욬ㅋㅋㅋ 덕분에 회장님 느낌받으면서 다빈치 공항에 내렸네요. 고마워요 클룩? 2020/02/17 J*****
車遲了15分鐘,有點緊張!但是司機都ok...尚算方便 2020/02/16 S*************
Friendly, good driver, helpful, awesome character, we booked... 2020/02/10 M************
완전 편해요!!! 엄마랑 갔다 왔는데 완전 대만족입니다.. 그 전에는 로마 여행갈 때 큰 캐리어 낑낑 끌면서... 2020/02/08 B********
Bus stand is pretty easy to find, there are two bus waiting ... 2020/02/29 H*************
very straight forward. print out the voucher and show it to ... 2020/02/23 C********
Cheaper to get the ticket from klook and it’s easy to find t... 2020/02/18 Z*******
So easy to use. Takes away the worry for transportation.... 2020/02/18 G******
Easy comfortable experience! Driver was polite. Highly recom... 2020/02/16 M****
先購買好此票,當下就不用再掏錢買票,去與回的價錢與現場買是差不多的。 2020/01/23 H****
I received the incorrect voucher - it was for a completely d... 2020/02/01 T***
Easy to use although the savings amount not a lot due to the... 2020/02/01 M********
Very clean and punctual. Easy to access especially those sta... 2020/01/10 W******
Took this waterbus from Saint Marco square to Airport. I lik... 2019/12/29 J*********
transfer itself was ok. it took about 40-50 minutes to the a... 2019/12/21 S**************
Voucher redeemed failed at the Venice ACTV machine. PNR code... 2020/02/14 W*******
You can get your Venice ACTV Vaporreto and Bus Transport Tic... 2020/02/08 M******
取票方便,但希望說明地點更具體一些,像是需走出車站外,左前方的黃色購票機,因為少了點說明,在車站內找了一陣子,並且希望註... 2020/02/06 c****
機器掃QRCODE就能印出事先買好的票,很方便。搭配優惠活動買又便宜。 2020/02/03 L*********
Hassle free! Once u touch down Venice, look for ACTV machine... 2020/02/02 S******
真係好方便!之前訂開JR!今次第一次買呢d!起初諗只接送似貴貴地!但原來好方便!又準時!欧洲地方到到都咁遠!我覺得好過自... 2020/01/03 P*******
有車直接到Outlet,不用轉車,很方便!車亦十分準時,不用等太久。但因在24/12前往,當天只營業到晚上6時,如在特別... 2020/01/03 T*******
值得向大家推介 上下車點容易找 雖然會有是有點擠擁 但是非常安全放心 前往outlet唯一之選 2019/12/15 Y**************
川を渡るためにもこのチケットは必須です。 2020/02/27 *
這個票券雖然是紙製的但是還是覺得實用大於美觀,而且跟現場價錢不會有落差。 2020/02/24 I******
來到威尼斯一定要搭水上巴士,就像水上捷運一樣,去哪都方便 2020/02/18 C******
因為剛好有回饋金而且網路刷卡 有5趴回饋所以省了很多錢而且 可以避免 現場刷卡 失敗的風險 2020/02/02 J********
메스트레역 앞 버스표 기계에 큐알코드만 터치하면 표가 나와요 조금저렴하고요 편하게 잘 사용했습니다. 2020/01/31 Y******
Meet up directions were perfect. English was very good. The ... 2020/01/05 匿名
Exploring the underground of Naples was amazing! I wasn't pa... 2019/07/27 A*****
Our guide Vincent was fantastic , very knowledgeable and pro... 2019/07/26 A***
Very fun experience and a good way to save on a gondola-espe... 2019/11/16 E********
You think of Venice, you think of gondolas. The saving we ma... 2019/08/30 B**
おそらく特別料金を支払っているお客さんのところにミュージシャンが二人乗り込んで色々な曲を歌い演奏してくれる。特別料金がな... 2019/08/15 S****
This was fantastic and totally worth the money! My husband a... 2018/08/04 S*******
This was a fiasco from the start. It was advertised as a gon... 2019/11/09 A*****
Absolutely fabulous experience, I booked the serenade for my... 2019/11/03 S****
It is well worth doing a gondola ride in Venice, even more s... 2018/08/26 K****
Ogólnie fajnie. Panowie starali się płynąć blisko siebie, ab... 2017/07/24 R******
Paid extra to have serenaded gondola trip with my wife and i... 2017/06/18 R***
Habe im Voraus für unseren Venedig-Urlaub eine Gondelfahrt g... 2016/04/18 I*****
The driver is polite and on time! The vehicle is so good! Re... 2020/03/09 A*******
Driver is on time and waiting at the arrival area. Very conv... 2020/01/04 M***
服務極好,飛機早落地,司機也會自己查看航班時間比預定時間提早到! 2019/10/07 L*****
Great service! The driver was on time awaiting at the arriva... 2019/08/05 A*****
司机按约定时间提前来到酒店等候,并帮助我们取行李安放妥当,很顺利抵达机场,谢谢! 2019/06/24 N******
領到行李後出海關,馬上看到司機先生舉牌等侯,態度非常和善幽默 2019/07/16 Y*******
Overall a very good experience. We arrived late to Venice ai... 2019/07/13 s******
I cancelled this with KLOOK but no one has come back to me c... 2019/06/19 C******
Very good service, the driver was very professional and poli... 2020/02/22 S********
Driver was nice and welcoming. Helped us roll our luggage t... 2020/02/19 S********
司機英文很好,也很親切,準時,很好的一次服務體驗 2020/02/09 *
都有提早到達指定地點,非常方便,節省很多交通時間。 2020/02/04 瑀*
駕駛非常盡責的協助上下行李,有禮貌的年輕人,開車非常平穩,下次勢必再透過這服務,預訂機場接送機。車子也非常新。 2020/02/02 **
Très bonne expérience ! Le groupe était facile à trouver ! N... 2019/10/29 a*******
The gondola ride was the highlight of our trip. It was very ... 2019/09/11 C*******
Good gondola tour. A little boring the walking tour. 2019/03/07 E********
친절한 기사님이 편안하게 호텔까지 데려다 주셨다. 차에서 내릴때 두고내린 물건이 없는지 확인해 주셨다. 2019/08/27 m********
司機尚算準時到達,車子行新很舒適,行李夠位擺放! 2019/08/25 K*****
The driver was already at the hotel 15 minutes before the re... 2019/08/25 M*******
天氣非常熱,早有準備約了車由機場去酒店。司機準時到機場。 2019/08/18 k*************
司機提早到達, 態度友善, 推薦這項服務 2019/08/08 H*******
My wife and I ended up being the only two on the tour with o... 2019/09/30 D****
Really nice and beautiful views! 2019/09/07 J*****
準時~~~~~~~~~~~ 令人放心!!!!!!!! 2019/07/04 C********
Simply awesome. Gondola ride was so much fun. The tour was g... 2019/09/26 K*******
The gondola experience was fairly short but enough to grasp ... 2019/07/11 匿名
Très satisfait mais un bémol, après la gondole le guide ne n... 2018/09/22 B****
So glad that I booked this tour ahead of my trip. Being with... 2018/08/03 A****
Very informative tour, able to see quieter areas of Venice a... 2018/05/06 K****
Apart from confusion as to the meeting point (app pinpointed... 2017/05/12 H****
Helpful n fast driver. Willingly to help with bags. Gave a t... 2020/02/22 K*******
司機提早到飯店來接送,服務很好,很幸運沒碰到塞車,順利抵達機場,推薦給大家! 2020/02/15 Y****
專業,準時,推薦給你們! 司機要換大車了,未來會更舒適! 2020/02/15 C*******
The driver came at the right time and drove comfortably and ... 2020/02/14 e*******
Driver arrived on time. It was a smooth ride to the airport. 2020/02/12 J********
Gondola was good. Food was terrible. Not worth the money. Ha... 2019/05/14 H****
Gondola ride was supposed to be 45 minutes but our gondolier... 2017/05/01 D*****
very bad and ruined my so call romantic last evening on my w... 2017/02/08 m******
Nos ha encantado este tour, llegamos con retraso a el paseo ... 2019/09/28 M********
Sites were beautiful, but the tour guide seemed to ramble qu... 2018/06/18 匿名
Think for the money only 4 should be on the Gondola. Guide d... 2018/06/04 C******
We weren’t able to reach the summit but this was a fantastic... 2019/10/31 R***
The guide was excellent and we had a fantastic day in explor... 2019/09/29 P***
La actividad es muy interesante, las vistas son increíbles. ... 2019/09/26 C*****
it was a great time of year for a gondola ride. most of the ... 2020/01/19 M******
We weren't sure about doing this ride but really pleased tha... 2019/10/27 匿名
Hard to find meeting place - it's pretty much next to H&... 2019/08/14 m***
Klook非常不專業而且態度惡劣,內容寫說可指定威尼斯市區酒店地點,下訂單之前已經再次跟客服確認過此服務,結果到司機跟我... 2019/06/01 S*****
Nos dieron una vuelta a la manzana y ya nos querian bajar. A... 2020/01/01 C******
Pesima pagina para separar, los gondoleros no respetan hora ... 2019/12/26 A********
在KKDAY訂接送服務可以直接從郵輪港口到羅馬機場,帶長輩出門這樣可以輕鬆的旅行,不用拉著行李坐公共交通工具! 2019/12/18 漢*
接送的司機穿上整齊的制服,准時在碼頭出口處舉牌接我們,司機有禮貌,沿途 很安全地駕駛到達目的地,我們非常滿意。它是一個舒... 2019/12/24 K*******
接送的司機穿上整齊的制服,准時在碼頭出口處舉牌接我們,司機有禮貌,沿途 很安全地駕駛到達目的地,我們非常滿意。它是一個舒... 2019/12/24 K*******
在KKDAY訂接送服務可以直接從飯店到郵輪港口,帶長輩出門這樣可以輕鬆的旅行,不用拉著行李坐公共交通工具! 2019/12/18 漢*
Our gondolier was really good. The ride was an iconic, bucke... 2017/08/07 A***
Very good driver and service 2019/05/29 M*******
My husband and I just celebrated our 30th and I wanted a rom... 2018/11/29 K********
We had an amazing experience with our photographer, Marco. H... 2018/10/18 J****