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Took us 2 hours to queue to get registered (heard that it wa... 2020/10/13 S***
Awesome experience with friendly staffs. Come and conquer yo... 2020/10/13 N**************
Too many people and wasted a lot of time in the queue, nobod... 2020/10/13 H******
Zip line is super cool, we'll come back! Good value for mone... 2020/10/12 A*****
Went for the climb, jump and zip package. There was quite a ... 2020/10/11 J**************
摩天輪套票也是很划算,親眼看到覺得很壯觀很棒的體驗 2020/10/12 T*******
It is a good time to visit the flyer now as due to the covid... 2020/10/11 S********
I enjoyed every second of it. The scenery was much better wh... 2020/10/11 N*************
We got drenched in heavy rain getting there and then had to ... 2020/10/09 T******
换票~很快可以上摩天輪~ 新加坡夜景太美了~ 2020/10/05 k*******
Not much crowds on Monday, Easy redemption. Just have to fla... 2020/10/14 A******
Nice weather. Rides are fun. Hope there will be longer track... 2020/10/13 R*****
取得等值HKD25 (TWD 100 ) 請輸入優惠碼 HS9DD 或按連結註冊 https://goo.gl/FtMF... 2020/10/13 Y*******
confirmation is instant, I purchased the tickets at the venu... 2020/10/13 L******
Great family fun. There are short queues at the moment. Kloo... 2020/10/13 A*****
疫情期間人潮不多,可以悠閒的散步、拍照,也可帶野餐墊在草原休息。非常推薦的一個景點,來新加坡一定要來 2020/10/18 致*
很值得去看,裡面有空調需要帶外套,很多滿滿的植物,排列的很漂亮 2020/09/18 宜*
現行買好票卷非常方便、捷運也有到,裡面非常漂亮,工作人員親切,周邊商品很多選擇。值得二訪到景點。 2020/02/22 子*
這裡有很多從未見過的植物,很值得一看,且只要刷電子票券便可以入場。 2020/02/21 淑*
下午六點就可以上去看白天的風景,晚上就可以看到美麗的夜景 2020/02/12 子*
Booking for 6.30pm reach there 6pm. Waiting until 7 plus Th... 2020/10/19 S******
值得購買的旅程,喜歡刺激的人一定要去! 建議提早預訂, 並且在淡季或人潮少的時段前往。可以省下很多時間去跑其他的行程。 2020/10/08 Y******
一開始下去那一瞬間最刺激 後來就好多了 非常刺激好玩 可以一試 2020/02/10 C*********
遊碼頭很漂亮! 很值得一遊~大推薦!可以去唷 美美美美美 2020/10/20 Y***
마리나베이에서 하는 레이저쇼를 리버크루즈에서 볼 수 있어서 즐거웠습니다! 2020/10/11 m**********
景色超美的,去新加坡一定要坐的遊河船!而且先買再換票券也比較便宜~ 2020/10/10 Y*
very fast entry by using klook voucher.. scenery was nice.. 2020/10/10 N**********
This is a belated review. So convenient to be able to beat t... 2020/09/25 N*****
Fun experience. You will see almost all the city attractions... 2020/10/01 F********
臨時決定購買的票券,在乘船兌換處有再加價搭乘會停留可看濱海灣水舞表演的船,真的非常值得^^ 2020/10/01 S*********
Lovely experience for this boat ride. Tried it for the first... 2020/09/17 J****
It's cheaper compare to purchase at the counter, love it, ni... 2020/09/11 Y*********
商品品質超級優良、商家服務人員態度超級友善,一定會再回購光顧! 2020/09/01 W*******
Fans are still under reno on my chosen booking date. Neverth... 2020/10/14 J*****
Dear Klook, My friend and I took time off to visit iFly on... 2020/10/03 Y*
It was very very fun !! I got very nice experience:) 2020/09/23 A****
At first we thought it thought it will not be as great as th... 2020/09/17 J****
It was easy and fast. All we needed to do was to forward the... 2020/09/15 R*****
Food is nice, we did not know 1 tower serve 2 pax and we end... 2020/09/20 G****
Nice ambience, yummy food. Each person gets 1 drink. Do note... 2020/09/04 M*******
Cancel my appoint several times and not giving refund. Very... 2020/07/09 C*********
I really enjoyed the massage. Jane, my therapist, was very a... 2020/03/17 S***
Masseurs 的服務非常好!做完全身有脫胎換骨的感覺!蒸汽淋浴及滑潤的沐浴用品讓皮膚得到滋潤 2020/01/27 M******
Serena Spa的位置方便,就是在烏節路MRT Station旁邊的萬豪酒店內。前台服務熱情,有welcome te... 2020/01/18 W******
位於五星級萬豪酒店內的Serena Spa,位置很易找,職員殷勤招待,按摩師手勢專業舒服,環境令人放鬆心情,按摩後還可以... 2020/01/18 W******
It was a fun experience despite feeling quite scary at first... 2020/10/18 J******
Fuss free redemption at ticketing counter. Recommend to mak... 2020/10/13 l*****
雖然不是高空彈跳,但還是很刺激,尤其是下去時還需要自己拉繩子。 2020/10/10 P*****
Good experience of the giant swing, went up fast and pendulu... 2020/10/08 R******
It was the swing of our life! A very exhalirating yet scary ... 2020/10/05 S********
Great value for money on discount! Covid restrictions are sa... 2020/10/20 T*****
Nerve wrecking and scariest jump ever . You'll sum up all y... 2020/10/19 S********
It was the most terrifying yet most satisfying experience of... 2020/10/19 S********
a test of leap of faith and worth trying for that adrenalin ... 2020/10/18 C****
終於一嘗跳bungy的滋味,很好的體驗,每位工作人員都超nice,講解清楚,不過要注意的是跳時的姿勢,因為我不是直墮的關... 2020/10/15 s*******
蠻有挑戰性的,喜歡刺激的朋友值得一試,不枉此生! 2020/10/12 S*****
Bought the package of Climb, Jump and Zip saved me some mone... 2020/08/20 A**********
Mega zip is so amazing, so gd !! 2020/03/14 G****
Quite relax for whole day there 2020/10/11 M*******
great place to chill and relax with family and friends . Foo... 2020/10/04 M********
We came to use the facilities. Both genders are separated ex... 2020/09/12 W***
good that there are fewer people than in ordinary cabins - e... 2020/10/12 B****
With the Singapore Sling package, you’ll get a VIP themed ca... 2020/09/27 P*****
Worth the extra money. Skip the long queue and be treated to... 2020/09/01 J*****
最愛最愛的地方,摩天輪很平穩,夜景美呆了!飲品非常好喝,不知不覺就轉一圈,捨不得離開 2020/08/02 t*****
非常讚的體驗,兩個人包一個箱位,推薦看夜景,當天預訂時間是下午時段,所以景色還可以,相信夜晚景色更美。總的來說我覺得非常... 2020/08/01 W*****
昨天幫我服務的是Joseph他的技術非常好按得很舒服,整體的環境也很安靜也讓人很放鬆,有時間會再回去 2020/10/11 t*******
Massage is great but the branch at Vivo city don't have a ro... 2020/10/09 H***************
It was an easy and smooth experience. Went on time, complete... 2020/10/05 N*********
awesome! Joe was very good!!! had a good experience 2020/10/03 J******
Tried booking appointment for via Kenko’s online booking sys... 2020/09/23 S****
Good experience for a start and the staff are really patient... 2020/09/02 G****
Good and fun experience. 2020/04/29 F******
It’s a fun experience going around the place with a guide. O... 2019/08/25 A*************
A very good experience of biking and hiking in the pristine ... 2019/03/02 B********
Very good introduction. Have introduces this adventure to fr... 2018/11/07 X****
好玩。風景優美,當地帶路的領隊沿途介紹,值得推介。發現另一面的新加坡 2018/06/06 L************
Really great day! We saw all the sights of Pulau Ubin and ou... 2017/12/30 C********
Kayaking was great... Especially in the Mangroves... Really ... 2020/10/11 M********
Amazing experience being close to nature. Didn’t see any wil... 2020/08/31 S*******
Great experience and great guide ! Would definitely recommen... 2020/08/06 C********
Glad to have an NParks guide as our host, allowed us to take... 2020/04/01 M****
Overall an interesting experience. It took about 3 hours plu... 2020/02/17 M******
My first time at Trapped SG and it was good although I feel ... 2020/10/05 F**************
It was scary and thrilling. They did a good job with the eff... 2020/09/27 J*****
Interesting activity to do with friends and family. 2020/09/22 M****
Had lots of fun. Staff are friendly. Didn't manage to clear ... 2020/07/20 S*******
The experience was good! And the staff were very patient in ... 2020/03/20 N*****
Overdue review - Jumped on the chance to use their services ... 2020/10/14 c********
Was unreachable. Tried calling to book but no one answered. ... 2020/01/27 V*******
A really good massage right in the comfort of your own home.... 2020/01/16 C******
fantastic service and prompt to reply when booking the sessi... 2019/12/30 C**************
Highly recommended - skilled therapist who will bring the ma... 2019/12/29 J******
Fun and overall cheaper than timezone, klook makes it a bett... 2020/10/12 M*****
Its so much worth it to buy your token here on klook rather ... 2020/10/07 S*****************************
Easy to redeem. However it is compulsory to purchase the $2 ... 2020/10/04 P************
Easy to redeem! Getting via klook is cheaper and has more to... 2020/10/02 X******
A great deal that is truly worth a spin over at one of the m... 2020/10/01 T*********
Fun, should have played more if i knew it was this fun! But ... 2020/10/20 C********
Bought 18-holes deal for 2pax. Quite fun as we went during o... 2020/10/20 R*****
We did all 27 Holes, great experience! it’s lots of fun! Nic... 2020/10/20 S*******
We took around 45mins for all 9 holes, and remember to pre-b... 2020/10/20 N**
Fun activity to play with families or friends. And the whole... 2020/10/19 S****
Good experience my children enjoy it. And nice service 2020/09/13 j******
Go Green Segway was an amazing experience in short. We got d... 2020/03/15 V****
Go Green Segway was an amazing experience in short. We got d... 2020/03/15 V****
very convenient and cheaper........................... 2020/03/01 D****
呢架車真係好簡單易上手,因為同母親去,本身都有啲擔心佢控制不到。好彩都好快上手,而且職員有特別照顧佢,都幾好人,推介。 ... 2020/02/16 Y*****
We went on a Sunday noon and my 6yo had lots of fun! Klook t... 2020/10/12 X********
Had so much fun bouncing, climbing and sliding. Walking on t... 2020/10/11 C***************
It's a good 50min workout from the jumping and bouncing. It'... 2020/10/10 L******
Great. It wonderful experience, really enjoy walking in the ... 2020/10/10 G****
Great for kid to play, is wonderful experience. My kid love ... 2020/10/10 G****
My friends and I had fun in Xcape (haunted), The Morgue. Des... 2020/10/12 L***
This was fun. Went with my two teenage kids and both enjoyed... 2020/10/12 H*******
Best fun since covid lockdown. Will definitely return again ... 2020/10/11 C************
We went for The morgue which was quite scary!! Enjoyed the w... 2020/10/10 A*****
I have always enjoyed escape rooms.. have tried most of the ... 2020/10/10 N**********
KKday offers the cheapest price for this tour. Instant confi... 2020/08/03 K************
Easy redemption and had fun during the throw. The only downs... 2020/10/11 T*******
Overall it was an interesting experience and it wasn’t as in... 2020/10/10 J*****
We went during one of the weekday noon and the staff allowed... 2020/10/08 H*******
Fun activity. 1 kind of exercise that makes me sweat a lot. ... 2020/10/08 M******
A very good experience with axe throwing. Need some time to ... 2020/10/05 J******
Definitely worth to try while you are in Singapore... It's a... 2020/01/05 i****
AMAZING DAY out on the water. Aaron has been more than fanta... 2019/12/27 J*****************
Really great experience cannot wait to go again. Great food ... 2020/07/24 A*******
จากที่ไม่คิดอยากจะไป พอได้ไปมาแล้วรู้สึกคุ้มค่ามากๆๆค่ะ 2020/01/19 A******
喜歡讓安排行程效率變很好,下次還會再繼續回購 2019/12/23 C*******
The ride was alright and the food was ok. Its a once in a wh... 2019/12/14 S*********
The experience was amazing and crew were very friendly and p... 2019/12/02 Y*******
good place. safe and much fun. 2019/10/05 H*****
阿仔很易上手,一踩上去就ok,佢話好好玩,一個鐘都夠 2019/08/13 S********
As the booking on klook is not linked to their website, do r... 2020/10/12 F****
Good climb and nice auto belay route settings. boulder route... 2020/10/12 P*******
smooth and fast entry. harness and shoes provided. brought o... 2020/10/06 A****
New walls with new tracks and very nice staff :) very helpfu... 2020/10/04 N*****
Great experience with Ground Up climbing gym, staff were hel... 2020/10/03 C****
Awesome place to get the best viewing experience of Siloso B... 2020/09/07 R*****
Amazing view of Siloso beach when you go up at the AJ Skybri... 2020/01/25 J*******
就是看看風景,然後沒什麼特別的感覺,也沒什麼人上去,可以斟酌是不是想遠眺再選擇 2020/01/18 Y******
If you are like me, who has a fear of heights, then this is ... 2020/01/10 G*************
Excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent Excellent ... 2020/01/01 J***************
跟我想像的不一樣,很有趣,最喜歡鏡子迷宮真的超棒的,繞了一下才出去,有點刺激 2020/02/16 Y***
積極主動追蹤到底! 有耐心、專業、負責! 關於顧客的權益一點也不馬虎! 真的非常感謝您! 2020/02/15 J********
積極主動追蹤到底! 有耐心、專業、負責! 關於顧客的權益一點也不馬虎! 真的非常感謝您! 2020/02/15 J********
頂樓花園值得買、懸空橋也可以買,其它就看有沒有小孩,小孩在玩的遊樂設施 2020/02/07 P*****
這個地方超大超美,但也超複雜。需要留一整天時間,細細品味、好好享受。 2020/02/04 S********
예약 안해도되던데...요새 지금 사람이 없어서 그럴지도 개운하게 비행했어요 샤워시간도 넉넉하고 만족합니다 칫... 2020/03/06 S******
great staff and clean place. the food was great and very qui... 2020/02/24 J*********
If you really want a sleep, book a bed, but to relax, unwind... 2020/02/24 J***
Would probably choose a different lounge in the future, but ... 2020/02/16 A*********
clean shower room, comfortable lobby and very kind staff. 2020/02/01 s******
不错的体验,游戏都蛮好玩的,笑容比赛可以挑战一下,下次有机会会想再回去看看朋友的记录有没有被打破 2020/10/03 J*******
Quite a few interesting interactive games that can keep you... 2020/09/21 O*****
worth the visit. had fun playing the games. redemption of t... 2020/09/12 T*******
Due to wrong info stated on the ticket voucher. Unable to ma... 2020/09/01 N*****
First time visited this experience studio, get to know more ... 2020/08/02 L******
First time joining this,quite interesting & new experience f... 2020/03/22 H********
Literally had so much fun the guides are so funny and nice a... 2020/03/07 S****
4군데 이상 샷을 맛보고 분위기마다 느낌이 틀려서 너무 색다른 경험이라 좋았습니다. 제가 영어를 못하기도 하... 2020/02/24 D***
It's such a great experience, meet new people from all over ... 2020/02/16 M***************
We had an awesome experience. It was my first pub crawling. ... 2020/02/16 A****
領取地點要找一下,但是登上觀景台後真的很美,夜景一覽無疑。 2020/10/01 徹*
no need to change the ticket, just scan the QR code 2020/09/06 T***
Gooooooooooooooooooood 2020/02/16 *
大約是2點上去的,但陰影處有海風很舒服。只是取票處比較難找,可能在備註時要寫清楚ㄧ點。大體來說很不錯,沒有什麼需要改進的... 2020/02/05 Y******
剛好遇到農曆過年,可以在觀景台看水舞秀和水上煙火,太幸運了。 2020/02/03 T****
Had a great time creating a leather pouch with the guidance ... 2020/10/13 C********
Amazing time! Friendly and helpful staff - worth it ! 2020/10/04 S*******
The workshop was really an enjoyable experience! The staffs ... 2020/09/28 I*******
Great first time experience doing leather crafting at Crafun... 2020/09/27 Y******
A very nice discovery for myself. i love crafts and this was... 2020/09/22 N*******
The workshop is fun and exciting. Within 3-4 weeks We are ab... 2020/10/08 D******
Very fun and highly recommended for all ages! We got to craf... 2020/10/08 T****
nice experience for pottery hand building. But the area is h... 2020/10/08 C********
We had a very fun and interactive workshop despite not havin... 2020/10/08 J*****
Had a good time at the pottery jungle. The entire session to... 2020/10/04 T******
Very fun to make :) the instructor was v clear in explanatio... 2020/10/10 s*****
Fun and easy to follow! instructions was clear. :) 2020/10/10 S**************
Activity was hosted in a bedroom in a HDB unit. Session was ... 2020/10/09 E****
Trainer is very knowledgeable. Everything was well-prepared ... 2020/09/25 A**
Thankyou Angie And June for the lovely class. The class was ... 2020/08/21 A***************
值得購買的旅程,喜歡刺激的人可以去! 建議提早預訂, 並且在淡季或人潮少的時段前往。可以省下很多時間去跑其他的行程。 2020/10/08 Y******
Ok, not too bad but they had not enough small axes to go aro... 2020/09/12 K****
아이가 너프를 너무 좋아해서 가게되었어요.. 좀비 잡기도 재미있고 암벽타기도 너무 재밌어요^^ 2020/03/07 *
Very good game zone for kids or family 2020/01/29 E*****
물감과 붓 팔레트가 제공되었고, 커피도 제공되었습니다. 너무 즐거운 경험이었고 다음에 또 하고싶습니다. 2020/10/03 B*
Great experience. Nice environment. Enjoy the art jam sessio... 2020/09/30 Q*******
Such a great experience! Remember to call to confirm if ther... 2020/09/15 Y*********
it was really fun and the ambience is great. Highly recommen... 2020/09/15 P******
It is a nice, relaxing session, but the folders of art that ... 2020/09/14 W**************
Friendly captain and staff, good bonding session with friend... 2020/09/22 Z*******
Very smooth, highly orgnaised, exactly as described. We had ... 2020/08/16 B*****
Boat was nice and captains were ok. A lot of confusion of wh... 2020/03/15 F********
Fuss free, great yacht, lovely crews and we enjoyed the food... 2020/02/09 N*********
Fuss free, great crews and we enjoyed the trip very much. Th... 2020/02/09 N*********
This was one for the books! Do not settle for the minute opt... 2020/03/09 G***********
Very good experience and will definitely try again for other... 2020/02/12 R*******
once in a life time experience. used it for a team building ... 2020/02/02 Z*****
awesome experience! the staff - Ian was really patient and a... 2020/01/29 R***
Very good experience to drive in SG’s big roads................ 2020/01/06 J*******
If only see the view is very good, but is so far for the loc... 2019/08/13 K*******
Amazing food.. good time to spend with friends or family. Mu... 2020/07/01 A*****
love their cold brew coffee 2019/12/24 g****
best n cozy cafe that will visit again 2019/12/22 G****
second visit to mosanco cafe, this time round I try ondeh x ... 2019/12/17 G****
try their crab meat linguine and beef pie, food is excellent... 2019/12/17 G****
love the size of the hand sanitizer 2020/07/23 g****
item well wrap and love the scent of the sea breeze hand san... 2020/07/22 g****
item well received and fast, hand sanitizer gel absorbs wel... 2020/07/22 g****
值得購買的旅程,風景很美,適合親子一起去! 建議提早預訂, 並且在淡季或人潮少的時段前往。可以省下很多時間去跑其他的行程... 2020/10/08 Y******
裡面有蝴蝶飛舞,還有鸚鵡可以放身上拍照,昆蟲大多為標本,較少活體昆蟲,適合小孩參觀。 2020/02/02 訓*
在KKday上订的门票比现场便宜,窗口的价格是:大人20块,小孩14块。园内地方不大,很多蝴蝶在身边飞舞,工作人员很热情... 2019/12/20 N*
這是我們第三次到訪,可以近距離觀察蝴蝶生長過程、又可跟鸚鵡互動、還有各式各樣的小昆蟲,平時在市區是難得一見的,很值得帶小... 2019/08/10 C********
staff r friendly and helpful. clean environment. 2020/07/23 M**
直接用手機素描QR code便可,很方便。全部遊戲都不用排隊,很好玩。在kkday購買比現場還要便宜。 2019/08/18 w******
Slides were fun, but not much variety to it. A little disapp... 2019/12/29 J*******
Have a fun even its small place. 2019/12/01 *
非常不值得推荐。 新加坡雪城范围不大,重点是限制游客们不可以拍照,在哪里都有员工们盯着不可以拿电话相机之类拍摄,只可以在... 2018/03/26 G****
Soup quality is there, a bowl of strong and peppery taste al... 2020/09/25 g****
剛開始找不到路,繞來繞去,進來後真不虛此行,剛開始有真人介紹歷史,後來有坐船,和蠟像拍照,最後看4D復仇者影片,噴水、噴... 2020/02/04 宜*
全程說英語、介紹新加坡的歷史工作人員很nice.演得很生動。 2020/02/03 瑋*
裡面好拍照又有趣,蠻適合家人夫妻情侶一同娛樂,觀看漫威4D電影逼真又震撼,雖然門票貴了點,但挺好消磨時間的! 2020/02/01 訓*
很值得一遊 是個讓人感到驚喜的地方 讚 2020/01/18 R******
蠟像館很好看很好照,4D漫威絕無冷場非常讚! 2020/01/02 燕*
Super easy to redeem and it’s cheaper than usual! 2020/10/05 S********
Easy to redeem ticket 2020/08/31 w**
Its very enjoy and we have fun with riding the luge, 2 round... 2020/10/18 A****
Great price and great experience at Luge ! Will definitely b... 2020/10/04 X******
Quick and seamless ticketing. Fun experience on the luge, an... 2020/09/27 V***********
Albeit the COVID situation, the process of queuing and playi... 2020/09/09 J*******
Just change the ticket at the counter.so funny and excited. 2020/09/06 T***
帶著家人體驗未有的科技,每個活動項目都是驚喜,相信來過的會介紹給朋友再次欣賞的 2020/01/30 宗*
A total new and hi-tech yet user friendly experience in the ... 2020/01/14 K*************
里面有些小活動給小朋友玩一下, 但不是十分有趣了, 小朋友很快就說要走了 文字的介紹比較多, 大人去可以更了解新加坡 有... 2019/12/31 T*****
購買後取得憑證,至現場提供電子憑證即可入館內使用,非常方便,入館前會提供一張紙卡,放在燈光下會有相關介紹,可深入認識樟宜... 2019/12/09 F******
進入樟宜機場時空體驗館,可以認識到新加坡政府為了讓樟宜機場成為亞洲飛行樞紐所做的努力,還可以體驗到各種有關機場運行的趣味... 2019/11/03 K*********
My 2 kids enjoyed our time very much. It's actually also qui... 2020/03/18 A*****
Very interesting and better than expected. And zi burnt 42 c... 2019/08/19 J****
剛開始爬有點可怕,習慣高度及爬網的感覺後,一切變得超級有趣。第一次在高空中奔跑、玩球池,還有享受高空溜滑梯,爬一個小時就... 2019/07/18 C******
purchase for my love one delivery was fast n package are so ... 2020/07/08 G****
A 3hr slot if sufficient. Food is good at kith cafe as well. 2020/10/11 W*******
使用電子票券進入很方便,這次半夜1點進貴賓室,裡面人蠻多的,半夜還能吃到現做的熱食很滿足,飲料和輕食的自助bar也還不錯... 2020/03/04 a***