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新加坡有46項 一日遊
I really enjoy this trip. Highly recommend to book through K... 2020/09/24 Y********
Really love this attraction I wanna go once again , Really r... 2020/09/19 K****
Unique experience from land to sea, enjoyable view of singap... 2020/09/18 Z******
Fun and memorable trip for my godson and he loves it! 2020/09/18 N*
導覽員非常有熱情,還會幫忙拍照,也會airdrop分享她自己的美照,太專業! 2020/09/02 J***********
Great experience. The duration of the trip pretty much depen... 2020/09/26 T********
Great experience, especially for my kid. The duration of the... 2020/09/26 T********
The guider is friendly, and full of knowledge 2020/09/03 S******
是一個快速瀏覽新加坡的交通工具 市區重點景點幾乎都會去到 2020/06/27 C*********
提早到集合點排隊,選了坐右面位置,下水時有少少水花,準備好手帕擦乾,講解員十分清晰表達。 2020/06/18 C*********
Fittest of all, five stars are not good enough to this amazi... 2020/03/20 T*****
I had a really good private tour with Josh. He took me aroun... 2020/03/08 A***
Wonderful fun experience, so easy to learn to ride segaway w... 2020/02/25 e****
とてもフレンドリーで親切な方で楽しかったそうです。 私は下の子が体重制限で参加出来なかったけど今度は一緒に体験したいと思... 2020/02/23 s******
What a excellent adventure we had! Instructor, Joshua was a ... 2020/02/20 T******
因1/27行程出差錯沒能去改到1/28。所以這個行程無法去成,很可惜。我對KKday這次的處理事情的方式很是稱讚 2020/01/30 y******
Our guide Jooling gave us a very informative tour, she was v... 2020/02/22 M******
I went there late but the staff still try to arrange me to m... 2019/12/08 T*******
Knowing your history is important, there are stories to be r... 2019/11/22 H*****
A long way to go get the pick up point from the city, the be... 2019/11/16 H***
It's really nice, the tour guides is really friendly and fun... 2019/11/10 Q****
went to SG couple times, I've never booked a night city tour... 2020/03/07 F****
Bạn sẽ được đi vòng quanh thành phố và ngắm cảnh, đặc biệt t... 2020/02/26 T***********
時間很緊湊,讓人覺得緊張。嚮導花太多時間講規則,歷史文化希望能多說一點 2020/02/06 P********
가든스 바이더 베이는 좋았고 차이나타운도 그럭저럭 했는데 굳이 저희는 4명이리 아이들이 더블데커를 타고 싶어... 2020/02/05 I******
A must do for any visitor to Singapore. Hightlight of evenin... 2020/02/02 B****
裡面超藝術的,我覺得隨便拍都很好看,很漂亮 2020/02/16 Y***
很適合帶小孩一起去,結合藝術,遊戲與科學,小孩迸發很多想像力 2020/02/05 瑀*
아이들우 놀기좋구요 초등학교저학년까지만 11시~1시까지있었는데 더울때 오기좋음 디즈니 애니메이션 콘티같은거... 2020/02/02 종*
여행지에서 사진 남기기를 원하시는 분들이라면 적극추천합다ㅎㅎ 2020/02/02 주*
A place that children friendly. Shall bring children go toge... 2020/01/21 J*******
It was a rainy evening but we were prepared with raincoats w... 2020/09/12 J*****
It was quick and fast.. Not able to see much but it was beau... 2020/02/11 M******
This could have been nice, but the time we had the night tou... 2020/02/07 K***************
This is my second time, but this itinerary kinda let us down... 2020/02/02 N****
Easy ticket redemption, thanks Klook. Nice tour, first stop... 2020/02/02 A*****
mất cả tiếng hơn mới tìm được. hỏi nhân viên trạm cứ chỉ lun... 2020/02/02 N****
It's a great introductory tour, gives you an idea of the pla... 2020/01/20 J*******
The tour guide is very very knowledgeable. She knows what sh... 2020/01/10 G*************
Very nice to go around Sentosa as it is a really huge place.... 2020/01/04 A**************
센토사 여행을 간단히 편하게 할수 있어서 좋았어요 2020/01/04 H******
当日申し込んでバウチャー届くまで10 分、ラッフルズホテルから歩いて10 分の乗り場で、到着して係員さんにバウチャーのQ... 2019/12/04 M*******
地點滿好找的,就在Albert 熟食中心旁邊,大叔們除英文外,也可請用中文說明,小朋友坐在三輪車上,看著旁車子呼嘯而過,... 2019/09/10 P*********
三輪車上有播放路過景點的介紹,大叔也很親切,還會補充介紹跟幫忙拍照,坐三輪車逛市區體驗很特別。 2019/08/26 H********
Excellent tour !!! The guide was nice and good English speak... 2019/07/22 s*******
The Trishaw Uncle Guided Tour experience was good. The uncle... 2019/06/17 S*******
One of my favorite museums I’ve ever visited. Lots to see. T... 2020/02/25 N*****
Beautiful gallery and interesting free guided tour. Highly r... 2020/01/26 A******
除亞洲一般文物外,本館對於佛教、基督教、伊斯蘭教之文物均有開闢專屬展室,伊斯蘭教展室尤為精彩,推薦普遍對伊斯蘭文化不了解... 2019/11/20 修*
ฉันชอบที่นี่มาก เป็นสถานที่ดีที่สุดที่เคยเที่ยวมา มีสิ่งที่ไ... 2019/11/09 K*******
With going here, we were a group of people, everyone loved i... 2020/07/17 I****
You should try this Tour Bus. Before you ride,you make sched... 2020/03/15 M******
Everything about this was phenomenal, from start to finish.E... 2020/03/14 S*****
Amazing experience... I was really overwhelmed with all the ... 2020/03/11 A*********
I availed this experience for the convenience of my parents.... 2020/03/10 P**********
We enjoyed our tour. I Highly recommend it to everyone. :) 2020/07/05 M*******
Thanks Klook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2020/03/02 A********
Thanks to our very nice Captain and team.. It was a nice tou... 2020/03/02 M******
Had fun with the tour. We been to many places in Singapore. ... 2020/02/27 S*****
Very interesting tour as to the history of this iconic airpo... 2020/01/22 R******
香港孫中山博物館都是免費參觀的,但不知道為什麼新加坡的博物館很多都要收費。孫中山的事績不太多,夾雜了其他不太吸引的主題展... 2020/02/12 C*******
展覽規劃動線佳,但人潮稀少,確認憑證時櫃檯人員操作很久無法使用,不知道是不擅使用還是怎樣,但最後還是讓我們入場。值得待上... 2020/02/09
雖然去的路途有點不方便,但是若是時間充足的話,真心推薦。服務人員非常好客熱情,也會說中文,有任何問題都可以向他們詢問。這... 2020/01/30 T******
認識新加坡歷史的好地方,雖然新加坡有很多博物館,但這裡可以了解新加坡華人歷史的核心,也可以了解東南亞華人在辛亥革命中扮演... 2019/12/20 M****
導覽先生為人親切,十分動容的解說孫中山先生和博物館的歷史,建築物內的館藏設計也很豐富。大力推薦參觀此博物館。 2019/09/05 J****
It was the first time entering this tour. I have been to the... 2020/01/04 U*****
Couldn’t able to join the tour as was tired and and had coug... 2020/01/01 R*****
The guide gave lots of useful information. Thanks a lot, 2019/12/31 R****
The Guide, Koh, was so excellent that he explained everythin... 2019/10/25 D*******
The guide gave lots of information that made the tour very i... 2019/10/12 S*****
Nice trip. Good tour guide. 2020/09/25 P*****
Very nice tour guide. He come early and wait us at start poi... 2020/06/03 T****
一開始找了一陣子,才找到印度遺產中心,10:10進到櫃檯出示憑證,工作人員給我導覽手冊,要我上樓參觀。10:25下樓詢問... 2020/02/09 W******
This is a nice introductory course to the history of Indian ... 2020/01/04 R************
Excellent Guide and really pleasant ! Thank tourguide, first... 2020/01/02 R****
活動頁面寫兩人以上成團,但人還在杜拜的時候就接到旅行社的電話,表示要5人以上才能出團,要我們改期,人在外面旅行還要處理活... 2020/02/13 P*******
It was really a fun tour. It was supposed to be join in afte... 2020/02/02 K*************
It was a fun filled activity albeit walking tour on a hot su... 2020/01/30 J*****
The tour was great but be ready to walk a lot...suggest to e... 2020/01/27 J****
Jimmy and I met at Nanyang Old Coffee, and it was a very goo... 2020/01/24 C********
シンガポールの歴史や発展の過程がわかるかと思い、訪れました。歴史に関して無知な私がいけないのでしょうが、日本がシンガポー... 2020/03/07 K******
Can be better, most of the place look like not totally compl... 2020/02/26 T**
Big museum with lots to see. The ticket was convenient and I... 2020/02/25 N*****
オープン15分前に到着したので、開館を待つ間に申し込みました。決済後直ぐに、メールでQRコードが送られて来ました。入り口... 2020/02/11 K******
国の歴史が短いのもあるが、デザインやプランニングに工夫をして、訪れたひとを惹きつけて欲しい。チームLaboもがっかりでし... 2020/01/20 K******
Simon非常專業又學識豐富,又風趣,整場tour讓人清鬆了解許多新加坡的文化及背景,其間又添加當地人傳統美食,太精彩了... 2020/02/03 C********
Its a nice tour. You get to know the culture and history of ... 2019/12/30 R****
It rained on that day but it was a great tour nonetheless. Y... 2019/12/27 H*******
Despite heavy rain, Dani, the tour guide brought us around o... 2019/12/18 S******
This walking tour was the first time entiring.Tourgide much ... 2020/02/03 U*****
Although there was a thunderstorm in the afternoon, but Wina... 2019/12/08 S*****
This was a short but really meaningful and fun experience fo... 2019/12/03 G*************
導遊NanCy熱心好客! 為初到星國的我們, 詳細完整的介紹新加坡的馬來文化、伊斯蘭文化, 一個上午的行程,收穫滿滿! 2019/02/02 W*******
Its a nice tour. You get to know the culture and history of ... 2019/01/24 j**
The tour guide was informative but it gets to the point that... 2020/02/08 J***********
100% recommended.. The tour guide was very informative & acc... 2019/10/23 N****
Thanks Klook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2019/08/27 A*****
It was a great tour. Funny and engaing, Anthony was an excel... 2019/08/10 V********
It was super awesome! Anthony knows everything about Marina ... 2019/06/08 Y*****************
裡面有蝴蝶飛舞,還有鸚鵡可以放身上拍照,昆蟲大多為標本,較少活體昆蟲,適合小孩參觀。 2020/02/02 訓*
在KKday上订的门票比现场便宜,窗口的价格是:大人20块,小孩14块。园内地方不大,很多蝴蝶在身边飞舞,工作人员很热情... 2019/12/20 N*
這是我們第三次到訪,可以近距離觀察蝴蝶生長過程、又可跟鸚鵡互動、還有各式各樣的小昆蟲,平時在市區是難得一見的,很值得帶小... 2019/08/10 C********
比現場購票便宜,裡面展出滿多新加坡當地的藝術品,還有歷史,個人比較喜歡建築本身以及場館設計 2020/02/19 宛*
內容有豐富的館藏可供觀賞,環境舒適、票價合理,甚有互動是螢幕或影片可更了解新加坡歷史或南亞文化。 2020/01/30 乃*
可以直接進去我們這次去沒有查票,不過要到櫃檯有人員會協助 2020/01/21 G****
畫作有針對新加坡畫家作介紹,想了解新加坡的藝術家們,可以來看看。也有一些額外付費的特展。 美術館空間很特別,逛起來非常舒... 2019/12/26 K****
這裡買真的比現場還要划算,至少便宜了一半!!現場換票也很方便! 行程沒有很趕的話,美術館可以安排半天逛逛~ 2019/11/26 T********
I'm the type of person who don't usually give reviews, but t... 2020/02/29 A******
A great way to explore the City while learning the History o... 2019/12/01 L*******
nice one. really appreciate it. Singapore is very clean. gui... 2019/11/13 R*****
please process my request on tickets purchased from SG zoo. ... 2019/10/06 M*************
We are a couple when we join the walking tour. Our tour guid... 2019/09/08 R***********
Easy to redeem ticket 2020/08/31 w**
窺探當年中國人到南洋做苦工的辛酸史,導賞十分生動有趣,內容清晰易理解,由黑暗走到繁華,享受一小時穿越之旅。 2019/12/20 K****
司機態度很好,車子也很舒適,讓帶著兩寶的我們感覺很開心。 2018/01/08 s
Good services!! On time and comfortable 2017/12/28 s
司機十分準時到達及有禮貌, 一切如計劃進行 2017/12/09 H****
行程前兩天收到司導的主動聯繫,討論了行程他也細心的為幫我們調整前後順序,在車上很詳盡地為我們介紹回答我們的問題,驚喜的是... 2020/02/04 C*********
司機很耐斯 配合度高 美食 景點介紹 行程可自己調配 2020/01/27 C*********
司機細心介紹,還有新加坡歷史講解。我帶父母出遊,導覽行程規劃都有考慮到長輩的需求,非常推薦! 2020/01/19 C******
雖然下雨,但是還是很盡責地帶我們走完全部的行程 2019/12/14 T****
Great and clean car. Driver spoke Chinese and took us to mul... 2019/10/15 H*******