大阪海遊館門票 $600
名古屋樂高樂園門票 $1,382
東京品川水族館門票 $628
東京墨田水族館門票 $450
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Easy one to start zip line experience. can have friends wit... 2019/02/13 C********
An experience that you wouldn't want to miss! It was fuss-fr... 2019/01/01 S*******
This trip was satisfactory. The staff was nice. The zipline ... 2018/10/03 S******
Very nice !such a good experience,worth to go!But better dri... 2018/08/31 W*******
Breathe taking. This is my first time watching whale. Will ... 2019/07/08 R****
a perfect day. My parents and kid love and enjoy the activit... 2019/07/07 Y*
A ticket is required hence do print out or arrive earlier to... 2019/07/06 K******
船員很有經驗 知道那些水域附近有鯨魚 但因太多浪 船上有不少乘客感到不適 2019/07/05 N***********
We were very lucky to see a pod of male whales fighting over... 2019/07/03 L****
需要先看一下在哪裡搭船,可能跟住的地方距離非常遠。詢問客服距離的時候沒有得到及時的回應,所以來不及退票,也沒有部分退費。 2018/02/22 L***
My family really enjoy it especially my son.klook has just g... 2017/05/08 B******
還不錯!值得來一趟的!來澳大利亞必來的行程!推薦給大家! 2017/04/28 B******
天气很好,海水拍打着细白沙滩,整个海港有着如画般的精致,海景超级美~我好喜欢这种感觉,享受波浪的颠簸和舒服的海风也是一种... 2017/03/23 s
Useless as I went on the first day of the season. Could not ... 2019/07/05 V**********
約3小時的船程﹐個人暈船得厲害﹐很容易看到鯨魚﹐看悉尼大橋和悉尼歌劇院都很美麗。 2019/07/03 R
Saw many whales, but travel motion sickness pill before trip... 2019/06/29 C****************
여행이 당일 취소되어서 환불절차를 기다리고있습니다. 2019/06/24 S****
行程被取消,請退款。!!!!!!!!!!! 2019/06/24 W**
My husband and I love the lunch cruise by Captain Cook. The ... 2019/01/03 S*******
I wanted to give it 5stars but there is room improvement for... 2018/11/12 W*******
The best ever with a VIEW! I has to change my daye and time ... 2019/06/15 N**********
真的是太刺激了 全身濕辘辘 太棒了 絕對要試玩一次 終身難忘 highly recommended 2019/06/13 H*******
悉尼邦迪海灘滑浪體驗(多套餐可選). Amazing experience with small group of pe... 2019/07/01 K*****
The coaches were very friendly and helpful. Most of us manag... 2019/05/28 C********
처음이지만 잼나게 잘 탔습니다 좀더 수영을 잘하면 좋을듯 합니다 2019/05/04 K*****
I will say taking a surfing class is a must do item if you c... 2019/04/24 Y********
Good view for sydney. I like it so much. 2019/07/08 T******
제가 갔을 때에는 비비드 시드니 행사 중이었고, 선셋 크루즈는 정말 후회없는 선택이었습니다. 해가 저물어가는... 2019/06/17 H*********
換票程序順利,船準時開。船上服務生很細心。風景很美。但食物質素有待改善。 2019/06/11 P******
the food was very good and the venue was clean. the staff wa... 2019/05/30 b*********
可以系日落前坐船遊覽悉尼兩岸景色真系好正,天氣好好,晚餐有3款選擇,一個係雞一個係魚一個係素食,雞同魚各試咗一碟,魚就算... 2019/04/01 C***************
I want to give this cruise 6 stars. 5 just ain't enough for ... 2019/01/28 M*****
The crew very helpful,safety conscious and very knowledge a... 2019/01/16 N****
Great tour along the south coast. I highly recommend taking ... 2018/12/18 T*************
杰维斯湾的海岸风景漂亮,感叹大自然的奇妙,还看到很多海边的动物,好神奇~ 2017/05/06 N****
The guide was very friendly and patient. Scenery was good. I... 2017/03/29 A******
餐點部分值得加強 夜景部分OK 船有時搖晃太大容易造成不適 2019/07/15 C*******
I’m so glad we did this experience. Staff and food were grea... 2019/04/30 H*****
We bought the cruise for the views but the food turn out to ... 2019/04/11 L********
Excellent experience 2018/12/25 M******
We upgraded our entrance tickets at the desk and had a tour ... 2019/06/25 L**********
Average activity. Good for family outing with small children... 2019/06/12 E***
A fun family outing at the treetop walk. The view from the t... 2019/06/11 S*********
very easy, just need to present the barcode and good to go 2019/05/13 E****
Relaxing while watching over the greenery. Worth to visit. 2019/05/01 Z******
需參加團體導覽,才可參觀內部。在中文導覽員詳盡解說下,對於歌劇院的歷史和建築特色,有更深一層的認識。丹麥建築師獨有大巧思... 2019/07/15 S****
講解員帶領我們窺探雪梨歌劇院之內部 員工及出入口 值得購買 2019/07/15 C*******
活動還不錯~~~講解也很不錯~~~雖然在訂購時出了些問題,所幸解決了 2019/07/14 P******
要到櫃檯換票,有較大型的包包則需要寄放,導覽的很詳細,值得進去參觀 2019/07/13 Y******
集合時間很準時,中文解說也很完整,但是欣賞劇院時間可以再多一點會更好 2019/07/13 Y******
Overall experience was great! Even I am alone in this trip ... 2019/07/02 L****
Nice view. A great way to view the opera house and Sydney br... 2019/06/24 W***
Nice view and have a close look of Sydney Harbour Bridge and... 2019/06/21 W********
Great views of the Sydney harbour on both sides of the bridg... 2019/06/10 A*****
須先把憑證印出到指定碼頭兌換乘船券,搭乘的船還蠻大台的~~記得有四層,最上層的甲板有椅子可坐,另外這個方案有提供兌換一杯... 2019/05/29 m******
Lunch and the seaplane ride was fabulous but what I particul... 2019/02/21 Z**
It was a nice activity (although we got to fly the seaplane ... 2019/02/21 S*******
導遊兼司機很幽默熱情, 我們英文不好但還是能夠溝通! 不過集合區有好幾家公司, 我們很早到但是很慢才找到KLOOK的團! 2019/07/16 L****
當天天氣很差 沒下大雨但很大霧 甚麼風景也看不到 但司機導遊的笑話令氣氛一直都很好 不錯不錯 到中午時份終於開始看到少少... 2019/07/10 O***********
We joined this tour on 1st July 2019, it was freezing but we... 2019/07/09 H******
The trip is well organized and well planned. Tour guide is v... 2019/07/07 Y*******
We have our tour on 1.7.2019. Our tour guide Scoot is friend... 2019/07/06 C********
物有所值,除了可以體驗Boom Net外,還可以睇海豚,欣賞風景和坐在船長的位置上拍照呢! 2018/04/15 s*******
非常有趣!之前完全沒有試過衝浪,但是這個站立划槳式的太好玩了,很值得一試!很好玩! 2017/05/16 A****
Can try to get a bit of feel for surfing. Staff was very nic... 2017/04/14 s
It's an amazing hop on hop off cruise. Was recommended by th... 2019/07/07 T********
渡輪體驗小孩大人都非常新鮮,曼利海灘非常美,值得去 2019/07/02 Y****
The best and easiest way to explore areas near the Sydney Ha... 2019/06/27 A************
Perfect perfect perfect!! But klook shd pay attention to the... 2019/07/09 T*************
正!! 刺激好玩! 冬天玩另一種風味!! Newcastle 堅靚!! 市中心接送又方便! 個video 拍得好好仲有加... 2019/07/02 W*******
Shoutout to Ralph (tandem skydiver) for the amazing photos a... 2019/06/16 G***********
It was really an amazing experience for me & my husband. Fir... 2019/05/18 M**********
We were shivering to our bones when visiting the pickup spot... 2019/07/15 V*********************
It's an amazing morning with beautiful weather and amazing v... 2019/06/25 S*************
Great weather, great view! Worth taking to have a bird's eye... 2019/06/24 H*******
搭熱氣球飛行是很特別的經驗,推薦大家畢生中可以體驗看看!飛行過程也很平穩,景色優美。工作人員很熱情盡責,早餐也相當美味~... 2019/06/11 Y****
風景超級美,工作人員服務也都超Nice!早上怕大家冷提供熱茶和咖啡☕️,回來後的早餐也是美味到超級撐。加含早餐很值得。 2019/06/10 Y*
This is a very good experience. If you scared of bungy jump ... 2019/07/11 S**********
因天雨問題 凌晨接了我們上車後 最後還是決定取消 雖然很失望 但來接我們的司機也說得很正確 他說:(英語的啦)在下面時... 2019/07/10 O***********
I have purchased breakfast + transport and champagne buffet ... 2019/07/09 P*******
It is an excellent experience and a safest ballon flight in ... 2019/07/08 H**************
the experience is awesome from the pickup to the hot air-bal... 2019/07/01 F***************
Superb experience with a great guide! View was fantastic and... 2019/05/29 E****
Great experience. The bridge is really stable and there are ... 2019/05/11 T**
雖然價位不便宜但很值得一試,推薦走內拱的快速攀登,可一探大橋結構 2019/04/23 C******
Once in a life time experience! The climb was easy and safe.... 2019/03/13 T********
great experience with good service and smooth process. frien... 2018/12/27 S******
Cool experience with very nice and professional instructor. ... 2017/12/05 s
開心的體驗~教練們都很棒喔! 放心玩耍,輕鬆享受吧! 2017/12/01 A***
Great experience to enjoy the zoo without the mass crowd! St... 2019/01/09 C*****************